Reviews about: Butt

    Saturday, December 19, 2020
    I\'ve been using all kinds of guitar picks made of different materials for the last 35 years (I\'m not proud of every choice I\'ve made in the past, the tortoise is without a doubt the worst), but with age comes wisdom.\r\nWhen I heard about an environmentally friendly guitar pick that, according to experts, also has excellent playing quality, I couldn\'t help but order immediately. I have been playing exclusively with this pigtrum for a few days now and can only say that it is one of the best picks I have used in 35 years. For my little hands / fingers I prefer a slightly smaller pick but, as with all picks I\'ve ever used, this is easily remedied with a piece of sanding and polishing paper.\r\nThere was a slight delay in delivering my order, but Tibor was right on top of it.\r\nSo thank you again Tibor for your great after sales.